Dangerous Prisons

America’s 10 Most Dangerous Prisons

Introduction Dangerous Prisons

Dangerous Prisons is a places that can be terrifying and dangerous, but it’s also a place where people are sent to serve time for their crimes. It goes without saying that prisoners should be treated humanely.

As such, most prisons in the United States try to maintain an environment where inmates aren’t beaten or abused by other prisoners or guards. However, even with these precautions taken by state officials, some prisons are still more dangerous than others—and some people might even consider their hellholes. we’ll cover America’s ten most dangerous prisons according to the numbers of deaths per capita (per 100 inmates) including suicides and homicides as well as assaults on prison staff members or fellow inmates.”

ADX Florence (Colorado)

ADX Florence is the highest security prison in the US, housing some of its most dangerous criminals. Located in Colorado and established in 1994, it was built specifically for prisoners who have committed aggravated felonies.

It’s part of a supermax prison system that allows inmates to be kept isolated from other inmates and from any contact with other people (including staff). This extreme isolation—for up to 23 hours per day—has earned ADX Florence a reputation as being one of the harshest prisons in America.

Red Onion State Prison (Virginia)

Red Onion State Prison is a high-security, maximum-security prison in Pound, Virginia. It’s the only supermax prison in the state and houses some of the most dangerous criminals in Virginia.

The inmates here tend to be extremely violent and aggressive as well as having a reputation for being one of the most violent prisons in America. The facility was built on top of an old coal mine and it has a history of violence between prisoners and guards.

which has led to three deaths since its opening in 1998—two inmates killed by staff members and one inmate who committed suicide after he was placed into solitary confinement without any privileges or access to mail or phone calls from family members or friends outside prison walls.

Red Onion State Prison doesn’t allow cell phones inside its walls, so if you’re planning on being incarcerated there anytime soon, it’s best not to bring one with you.

United States Penitentiary-Administrative Maximum Facility (Colorado)

Located in Florence, Colorado, the United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility is the highest security federal prison in the United States.

It houses some of the most dangerous inmates in the country and has long been known as “the Alcatraz of the Rockies.” ADX Florence began its life as a supermax facility designed to hold prisoners with “special administrative measures” or SAMs. SAMs restrict prisoners’ communications with others outside their cells and cellblocks, including other inmates.

ADX Florence is considered so dangerous that it has an on-site morgue and infirmary staffed by medical personnel 24 hours. a day, seven days a week even when no one has been seriously injured or killed at ADX Florence yet again this year due to violence between rival gangs within its walls.

In 2013 alone there have already been five separate incidents involving attempted murders or stabbings resulting from gang violence at ADX Florence; however, these do not include any deaths caused directly by riots within ADX Florence’s walls which happens almost every year.

since opening its doors back in 1994 after being converted from another maximum-security housing unit into what it is today – one of America’s most famous prisons.

Pelican Bay State Prison (California)

The prison is located in Crescent City, California. It is the oldest, largest, and most crowded prison in the state of California. The prison holds some of America’s most dangerous criminals.

In 1993 Pelican Bay was built to house inmates with violent pasts who had been disciplined for serious infractions while incarcerated at other facilities across the state.

Inmates are placed in solitary confinement if they are deemed too dangerous to share a cell with other prisoners or if they’ve committed crimes against them while in jail or prison (known as “recidivism”). For example: If you steal something from another inmate and get caught (or even suspected by staff), then you’ll be placed into solitary confinement until your sentence is over (if it’s not up already).

Pollock Federal Correctional Institution (Louisiana)

Pollock Federal Correctional Institution is a high-security prison for male inmates located in the town of Pollock, Louisiana. It holds both minimum and medium security prisoners, with a maximum capacity of 1,934 inmates.

The prison was constructed in 1985 to house inmates convicted of violent crimes such as murder and rape. The facility has experienced a number of riots over the years, including one that occurred in 2014 when 21 inmates attacked five guards. another took place in 2015 when 50 prisoners attacked staff members and damaged property; and most recently another riot broke out in 2018 after an inmate stabbed two people while they slept inside their cells.

United States Penitentiary Atwater (California)

This prison, located in Atwater, California, is a maximum-security facility that houses the worst of the worst. It was originally designed for 1,340 inmates but has since been renovated to allow for up to 1,995 prisoners. The majority of these inmates are convicted of murder or kidnapping; others have been found guilty of conspiracy or drug trafficking.

While you’re locked away at Atwater awaiting your fate (or whatever), you’re allowed pets! Even though it’s not exactly like having a pet while out on parole—you know what I mean?

If you want more information about this prison and its rules and regulations,. visit.http://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/atwaterextension/index

California State Prison-Corcoran (California)

California State Prison-Corcoran, a maximum security prison that houses more than 3,600 inmates. and employs over 1,000 staff members, is located just outside the town of Corcoran. The prison has been beset by riots and gang violence since it opened in 1988.

A riot in 2004 caused $15 million in damage to the facility and left four people dead. Since then there have been two more major disturbances at CSP-Corcoran; one in 2007 resulting in nine injuries and another in 2010 resulting in three deaths.

Despite repeated outbreaks of violence within its walls, CSP-Corcoran remains one of California’s most dangerous prisons. because it houses some notoriously dangerous criminals including Charles Manson. (who was transferred there from San Quentin) as well as other infamous inmates such as Scott Peterson (who murdered his wife Laci), Richard Ramirez (AKA “Night Stalker”), Christopher James Myers (AKA “The Bandito”) and many others.

Marion Correctional Institution (Ohio)

In 1991, Marion Correctional Institution became the first prison to be sued by prisoners for failing to protect them from sexual abuse. The lawsuit prompted a Department of Justice investigation into the mistreatment of inmates in Ohio prisons.

In 1993, an inmate was murdered by another prisoner with a homemade knife made out of bone and sharpened on concrete. In 1994, three inmates were killed in separate stabbings at Marion Correctional Institution over a period of nine days.\

One year later, two inmates were killed and more than 100 injured during a riot between 200 prisoners at Marion Correctional Institution’s maximum security facility. The violence started after guards attempted to search an inmate’s cell for drugs.

when they failed to find any contraband on his person or in his room, the guards began beating him instead. After reinforcements arrived from several other facilities nearby, nearly half the building was destroyed before order could be restored.

Rikers Island Prison Complex (New York City)

Rikers Island is a prison complex in New York City, located in the East River between Queens and the Bronx. It’s the largest jail in America and one of the most famous prisons in the world.

The main building on Rikers Island was built from 1884 to 1896 and was called “Welfare Island” until 1932 when it became known as “Rikers Island.”

This facility houses about 11,000 inmates at any given time; this number does not include all of their visitors or staff who live on site full time. It’s estimated that over 1 million people visit Rikers every year. The jail has a capacity for 15,000 prisoners but has been known to have more than 20,000 at any given time. due to its overcrowding problem caused by its harsh conditions including violence against inmates by staff members. as well as other prisoners themselves being held there unjustly (mostly due to mental illness).

Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Allred Unit (Texas)

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Allred Unit is a state prison located in Amarillo and operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. It is one of 11 men’s prisons in the state system, with an inmate capacity at around 2,800 inmates.

The facility first opened its doors to prisoners in 1983, and since then has seen some major changes. Inmates can be placed at Allred if they have committed a crime on or after January 1st 1985—this means that anyone who committed their crime prior to 1984 would not be sent here as it was not yet open.

Inmate demographics: Inmates are primarily male (99%), African American (56%) or Hispanic (37%).***END OF SECTION***

America’s 10 most dangerous prisons.

America’s 10 most dangerous prisons are all located in the United States.

  • The Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola is one of the oldest and largest maximum-security prisons in America. It’s also famous for being one of the most dangerous, thanks to its brutal conditions and high rate of violence.
  • The California State Prison, Corcoran houses some 2,800 inmates who have been convicted on charges ranging from manslaughter to rape and murder.
  • The federal supermax prison in Florence, Colorado holds inmates who are deemed too dangerous or too high-risk for a traditional prison setting—including terrorists like Ted Kaczynski (the “Unabomber”) as well as gang members and serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer who were behind bars when they died during their incarceration here at ADX Florence’s Special Housing Unit (SHU).

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Many of the prisons on this list have been featured in movies and TV shows like Oz, The Wire, and Mind Hunter. Some even have their own Wikipedia pages!

So it’s no surprise that they’re so well-known among people who are interested in criminal justice. But what does it take for a prison to make it onto this list.

We think it’s not just about how dangerous or scary these places are—it’s also about how much history they have behind them as well as how much power they hold over those living inside their walls.