NYC Inmate Starts Newest Exercise Craze Among Prison Inmates

In New York City there looms the hottest new exercise craze among those currently locked up. An ex-con/ex-soldier runs a boot camp style exercise camp for the overweight individuals looking to burn off a couple new pounds. Chris Marte is a business owner/inmate/personal trainer thanks to his combination of current dilemmas. An inmate of  New Yorks prison system he began training people to become the best that they can be several years ago. Since then he’s helped inmates lose thousands of pounds in total.

He used to be a cocaine dealer, overweight himself, and close to death before a drastic change, getting locked up, made him turn his life around. ConBody is the name of his new company and thanks to the prison’s entrepreneur program his work is now legal and official.

Doctors used to tell him that he could die of his health issues if something wasn’t done. He weighed 230lbs and his cholesterol levels were high enough to scare anyone. So he began exercising by running in the prison yard each day. Before he knew it he had lost 70lbs and people were calling him Forest Gump.

Other inmates took notice and wanted in on his exercise regime. In no time he was training other inmates and eventually led them to lose their first 1000lbs in total. These exploits inspired him to begin his very own exercise company through a program called Defy Ventures which helps illegal entrepreneurs turn into legal ones. He claims the time he spent drug dealing led to valuable experience from which uses to build and maintain his new business.

Today ConBody is in the process of opening up studios in Pennsylvania where he will train both ex-cons and non ex-cons alike in the art of maintaining and sculpting your body. Keep a close lookout for this company!