Cape Girardeau County MO Jail | Jackson, Missouri

Cape Girardeau County MO Jail is a prison facility located in the city of Jackson, serving Cape Girardeau County and surrounding areas. Prisoners sentenced to a medium prison are often sent to Cape Girardeau County MO Jail. To visit an inmate at Cape Girardeau County MO Jail, you’ll need to travel to Jackson, MO, 63755-1833 in Cape Girardeau. The address is 216 N Missouri St. It’s important to verify the location of your inmate before traveling.

Maintaining contact with friends and family is important for the health and wellbeing of both inmates and their family. Sadly, many prisons don’t make this easy. Phone charges of up to $14 a minute for long distance calls create financial burdens on inmate families who must pay for these calls. Thankfully services from Securtel help avoid these additional charges by creating a local phone number an inmate can call that will connect to any long-distance number. By eliminating the long-distance surcharge, inmates can talk to friends and family at the local rate no matter where they might live. You can set this up with Securtel.coml at inmate calls. To send mail to an inmate you can visit send postcards. Once you are able to communicate with your inmate, you can start making plans for visitation. There are many types of prison facility in MO. City Jails, County Jails, State Jails and State Penitentiaries. Each will have it’s own rules and times for visitation, calls and mail.

Cape Girardeau County MO Jail is a County Jail. It’s important to know the type of prison facility because this will largely determine what is permitted. Everything in prison costs money. Soap, toothpaste, phone calls and stamps and envelopes must all be purchased at the commissary. Step one is to get set up with phone service so you can communicate. Then you can learn what an inmate needs and how to properly send it.

Cape Girardeau County MO Jail is in the CST time zone. So make adjustments in your call times if you aren’t in that same timezone. The warden at Cape Girardeau County MO Jail is Captain J. P. Mulcahy. The warden may or may not be available to talk to. This will depend on the size of the facility. It’s important for prison families to help each other to help their loved ones inside and out. By sharing information about Cape Girardeau County MO Jail with other families, it will help them avoid mistakes and confusion that no one needs or wants. 

Cape Girardeau County MO Jail Map